Tech Knowledge

We understand tech. Real tech. From Big Data to AI.
We love tech. The deeper the better. We are enthusiastic about AI. We can discuss tech stacks and data-driven architectures. Python, TensorFlow, Hadoop or Kafka makes our hearts beat - beyond any buzzword-bingo.

Professional Expertise

Profound operational experience in Digital Business Models.
We have profound operational and professional experience. We understand digital business models deeply. We are experienced in founding and exiting startups, establishing new business models for corporates and building TripleA teams. We ask the decisive questions. We talk about product-market fit, usability and lean development as well as about CLV, CAC, CPO, CM2 and Cost-Revenue-Ratios.

Top-notch only

Focussing on best in class people and companies.
We see ourselves as a quality filter for the best in class talent and vacancies. We evaluate candidates as we judged when we hired in our operational roles. We provide you with only those extraordinary people and vacancies that pass our own assessment.

A+ Network

Drawing from an exclusive partner network with real domain experts.
We rely on a top-notch network of high-profile industry partners, branch experts and multipliers. They help to source and assess the best people and vacancies in their domain. Thus our network provides us proprietary access to talent and the most exciting digital challenges.

Honest Solutions

Strict no-bullshit philosophy + transparent risk assessments.
We have a strict no-bullshit philosophy. We believe in long-term relations. We present you candidates with an honest assessment of their weaknesses - as we would have wished it in our former management and leadership positions.


Strategic advisory + out of the box solutions beyond known paths.
We think outside of the box and beyond known paths. The perfect candidate might not always have been honing the skills you require for decades. You always get complementary A+ strategy consulting for your business on top of our matchmaking. Of course, that’s only if you wish.