Leveraging A+ Tech Influencers

We’re a network of 100+ top industry experts and focus on A+ matchmaking

A+ is not a usual headhunting agency or investment banking firm.
A+ is based on a completely decentralized, network based operating model.
A+ is a network of 100+ venture partners – all experts with deep industry knowledge.
A+ focuses on matchmaking and thus the first intro.
A+ delivers trusted contacts from A+ experts without any overhead.
Managing Partner

Iskender Dirik

Master of Science in Data and Information Management
Diploma in Business Administration

Startup Entrepreneur
Venture Capitalist + M&A Executive
Tech, Data + Product Background

Subject matter experts and executives are the best matchmakers. They could leverage their knowledge, experience and trusted networks to recommend the best people and companies in their domains.
Would you prefer a data scientist recommended by a) a professional headhunter or b) an A+ data scientist?